Thursday, March 5, 2009

Changes to Come

Wow. Once again I have completely pushed aside my writing on here!! I've realized that because I am on the computer all day at work, it's the last thing I want to do when I come home! It is definitely something for me to work on!!!

I hope this finds you all doing well!! Life has been pretty busy lately with lot's of things going on around me. I have two very best friends who have recently found out they are pregnant!!! I am SO excited for both of them and cannot wait to spoil those babies rotten!!! It has spawned the question of when we will be ready, and to be honest, it is something that we have been thinking about over the last few weeks. I'm not saying we're ready, just ready to discuss the possibility!! We have been wanting to wait maybe another two years or so, but with two of my closest friends pregnant, it has made us reconsider our decision to continue waiting. Needless to say, this idea has raised many, many questions that we need to find answers to before anything happens. So that is where we are today - trying to find some answers and determine when the right time for us will be.

Since my last post, I went to a taping of the Rick and Bubba show with one of my best friends, and it was so much fun!! We cooked lots of yummy food for them and really enjoyed the show. Justin and I spent a weekend visiting her and her husband in Tennessee shortly after, once I recovered from the stupid cold and sinus bug that was going around. Last week I was in Atlanta for a training class for work. It wasn't bad at all, I'm just hoping and praying that I passed the test!!! Some friends of ours are getting married in May so we went to their Stock the Bar party Saturday night. It was so great seeing some old friends again and getting to hang out with people we don't get to see often enough. This month we have two weddings to go to, so hopefully the month of April won't be too busy - of course, with the exception of the A-Day game!! Speaking of, I'm hearing that ESPN will be there and Saban has challenged the fans to have a packed house for the occasion!! We haven't missed an A-Day game in many years so there is no way we will miss this one!!!

I know this wasn't a very long post, but I just wanted to share a few updates and, as always, ask for your prayers. Baby Dulce is scheduled for surgery this month so please, please pray for her!! Also, my friend Nikki is still in remission, so thank you all for praying for her - she still needs our prayers so please don't forget about her!! I am also going to ask that you pray for Justin and I - we have some big decisions coming up and could use all the prayer we can get.

One last thing - in my post on December 11, I mentioned a personal struggle that I was dealing with, and I honestly didn't think that anything would change. I'm happy to say that things HAVE in fact changed. I'm not positive if my situation itself changed, or if my outlook on it changed...although I'm pretty sure it's the latter because I didn't (and still don't) ever forsee the situation changing. Anyways, the purpose of bringing this up was to thank everyone who prayed for me. I feel like those prayers were answered and it has dramatically changed this aspect of my life. So thank you. I was afraid that if something didn't change soon, I would have found myself in an extremely unhappy state of mind. I am much happier now and have found a way to deal with the things I struggled with, and I can only credit the power of prayer for this turnaround. Thank you all again, it means so much to me.

Have a great weekend!!!

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