Friday, June 12, 2009

Baby Update

Well, tomorrow I will be 11 weeks - almost out of this first trimester! As ready as I am to move on to the second, it's hard to believe that almost three months have already gone by! I have been feeling okay most days - my biggest complaint would be fatigue! I get tired a lot, which says a lot because I can typically sleep most than many humans can! I have only had about two weeks where I really felt horrible, and mostly it was due to a sinus infection. Some days I have a hard time eating, other days I feel like I will never get full! I don't imagine that will change any time soon though! My 12 week appointment is next week and then I won't go back until 20 weeks when we can find out what the sex is! I'm so ready for that appointment! Something tells me it's a boy but then I had a dream the other night where I had a girl, so who knows?!!

Next weekend I leave to fly to Illinois for Nikki's wedding!! I could not be more excited to see her! My flight leaves super early Friday morning and I will land in St. Louis around 10:45am. I'm hoping to go see the Arch in St. Louis while I'm there on Friday before I head over to my hotel - although it will be strange to do any sight-seeing by myself!! I'm hoping to get to see Nikki Friday but I know she will be super busy with last minute plans so I'm not sure if that will happen yet. On Saturday, I'll be riding with Nikki to the ceremony, then riding the bus with the wedding party back to the reception!! I'm staying at the hotel where the reception is being held which makes it very convenient! Sadly, I fly back really early on Sunday morning. I knew this would have to be a short trip, otherwise it wouldn't have worked out for me, but I'm just so glad to get to spend some time with her after all these years! I'm also really excited to see her family! I've seen her mom when I've seen Nikki, but I haven't seen her brother or sister since they moved!! Her sister just became a new mommy so I'm sure we will have a lot to discuss! Please keep me in your prayers while I'm travelling and keep Nikki in your prayers for her special weekend!

She had a surgery a few weeks ago to remove the tumor on her liver. They only had to take out about 10% of her liver which was less than what they expected. Because the tumor was also touching her gall bladder, they thought it best to go ahead and remove it - who needs that thing anyways? I'm doing just fine without mine! So her surgery was a success and I believe she has just about made a full recovery from it! I pray that she has tons of energy and feels great next weekend!!

I guess that's it for now! I'm posting my ultrasound pics below of our little peanut - although it's more like the size of a prune this week!! Hope you are all doing great!!

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Emily Shepherd said...

what great pics, tiffany! saw on them that you go to sparks & favor ~ which doc? stradtman delivered amy grace (well, stitched me up after brent and the nurse delivered her, lol ) but i am switching to dr. gregory for now.