Thursday, October 14, 2010

Updates and Requests

I'm going to start off this post with a very important new development...  Austin said Mama!!!  He said it on Sunday while we were visiting friends in Tennessee.  My heart literally skipped a beat! He has only said it once more, but I cannot describe the feeling that overcame me when I heard it that first time.  It is completely indescribable, but so incredible and amazing!!  

We had a rough first week at our new daycare last week.  Nothing really bad happened, but there are some things that are done differently that are just going to take some time for us (okay, really just me) to get used to.  Austin seemed to do great, which I expected.  He hasn't really met a stranger, doesn't care who holds him....he's such an easy going baby that I really wasn't worried about him adjusting.  Me, now that is a completely different story.  But we made it through the first week and it can only get easier from here.

We went to Tennessee Saturday to visit our friends whose youngest daughter just turned one.  We had a great visit and Alex had a blast at her party.  Our only regret was putting Austin's pack and play in the room with us.  He ended up waking up as we came to bed and would not go back to sleep unless he was in my arms.  So, after all that hard work we did with the whole "crying it out" thing, we were back to square one.  Justin went to sleep in another room and I curled up in the bed with Austin.  The sleep wasn't great, but the cuddling was awesome.  We were wondering how Sunday night would be, if he would go back to normal or if we had regressed back to where we were just a week or so ago. Well, we did, indeed, regress.  Austin spent about an hour and a half crying in his crib in the middle of the night Sunday night before going back to sleep.  Luckily, I was off on Monday so I could take a nap.  Monday night it only lasted for five minutes and Tuesday night it lasted for 30.  Last night, we didn't hear from him all night.  So, hopefully we are back to normal!!

I would like to take a moment to thank the readers of this blog (if there are any) for any prayers they sent our way for my Uncle Rickey.  The doctors were able to remove all of the cancer from his colon, and his tests came back cancer-free.  However, his wife, my Aunt Theresa, went in on Monday to have a lymph node removed from her breast.  She is a breast cancer survivor so this was somewhat of a shock for our family.  The doctors have told her that the cancer is back, but we are waiting on the test results to find out if it has spread into her lymph nodes.  They are most definitely going to start her on chemo, but hopefully no radiation.  We'll know more when her tests come back, but please, please pray for my family!!  It is so disheartening to have my uncle be cleared, just for his wife to be told five days later that her cancer is back after eight years of being cancer free.  I would really appreciate everyone's thoughts and prayers.  Please keep Nikki in those prayers as well.  Cancer is an evil being and I hate that it is affecting so many of my loved ones.  All we can do is pray...

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