Wednesday, July 13, 2011

February - March 2011

On February 3, the day before he turned 13 months, Austin took his first steps!! He took five or six before he fell, but he got right back up and did it again. It was one of the most amazing moments of my life. I can't describe the joy and pride I felt in seeing my boy hit such a huge milestone. It was incredible! It was so out of the blue, he was sitting down playing with his cars when all of a sudden he just stood up and took off! I was lucky enough to get them on video, and even though it wasn't his FIRST steps, it was more like his 10th or 11th :) Close enough in my book! Two days later, he got his FIRST TOOTH!! Wow, do you know how long we have been waiting on a tooth?! Two huge milestones in two days! We were overwhelmed with joy! Austin has gotten to where he looooves bath time, and has discovered that splashing is a lot of fun! I have to hold up a towel to keep myself dry! About two weeks after his first tooth, his second tooth came through, so finally his first bottom teeth are there. By the end of February, we were done with bottles and only using sippy cups! Woo hoo!! We also enjoyed our first trip to the zoo!! Austin was pretty mesmerized most of the time but he loved watching the animals. We went with a couple friend of ours whose son is Austin's age and is his best friend, so it was fun having the boys together. We definitely can't wait to take him back again!Playing in his old bathtub!Fun in the backyardWhat happens when you play in Mom's sock drawer :)He was able to get himself into his toy basket!

Here are pics from our zoo trip:

Even though he took his first steps in February, he didn't really continue walking then. He figured out he could get where he was going much quicker if he crawled, but on March 4, he started walking and didn't stop!! He became obsessed with fans and would point one out every time he saw one. His word for fan is "da" so literally every time we walk into a room, he points up and yells, "Da!!!" He says it so often, I catch myself calling the fan "da". It got to the point where I was ready for him to find a new obsession because fan/da was getting old!! His third tooth, the top right center, came through on March 19. He knows the words inside, outside, bed, bath time, hungry, shoes, socks, ears, nose, belly, ball, cup, juice, milk and four-wheeler. It's just amazing to see him learn these things. When you ask where his belly is, he pulls up his shirt. It is so cute, but not so cute in Walmart when he wants to see Mom's belly and starts pulling up my shirt to see it! He loves his Orajel now, and will bring it to me, sit down, take his paci out and open his mouth for me to put some on. He used to scream when I tried to put it on but now he loves it and wants it! We changed his schedule up some and started putting him to bed a little later, around 8:00. Our hopes were that he would sleep a little later. That didn't happen so now he goes to bed around 7:30 and wakes up around 6-6:30. Great during the weekdays, not so great on the weekends.

He loves playing in the backyard!You can see his two little teeth in this picture!Monkey Man!

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