Tuesday, September 13, 2011


We started off the month with a doctor’s visit, as demanded by daycare, for what looked like poison oak/poison ivy. At the doctor’s visit, Austin weighed 22lbs 8oz, so he gained just over a pound in two months. The spots on his legs ended up just being bug bites. This has since happened multiple times, and we’ve discovered that even just mosquito bites whelp up to very large bumps that almost appear to blister. Evidently he takes after his momma and has very sensitive skin and reacts to bug bites this way. Tooth #6 also came in, so he now has the four center teeth on the top and the two center teeth on the bottom. He is still learning animal sounds, and he still whispers “roar” when you ask what a tiger says. He “tweets” for birds and we’re working on barking for dogs. He loves to point out your eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hair, toes and shoes. He will poke his finger directly in your eye and say “eye!!”. It’s cute, but can get irritating when he does it over and over again! When our cat Lola will actually sit still for him, he loves to give her kisses, play with her ears and he also pokes her in the eyes too. He is in the stage where he repeats everything we say (time to watch the language!!), which is hilarious to hear him try to say some of the words we say. He calls my coffee “coco”. His granddad taught him to hold up one finger when you ask him how old he is!! It makes me feel like my son is soooo smart!! One Saturday, we were looking at a touch-and-feel books that has pictures of different animals. We came across a lizard and I decided to teach him to stick his tongue in and out when you ask “What does a lizard do?” To date, I think this is his BEST trick!! He also pants when you ask “What does Caesar do?” (Caesar is my in-laws lab). Panting for Caesar and whispering “roar” always gets a laugh, but the lizard has to be the cutest thing he does!! He has since taught his classmates what lizards do, too. We had his 18 month checkup at the end of June, and he weighed exactly 23 lbs, which is the 30th percentile. He is 31 ¾ inches long, which means he has grown just over a foot since he was born! It’s hard to believe he is almost three feet tall!! Austin is more fun than I could have ever imagined, and I keep hearing that it just gets better from here. Can’t wait to find out for myself!! Splashing in the puddleAustin and Alex :)Fun with the Hand Family!Austin loves Micah!!Getting love from JennaLittle Miss AlexBackyard pool fun!

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