Monday, February 1, 2010

4 Weeks Already?!

Four weeks ago at this very moment, I had just begun my pushing journey. In less than two hours, my little man would make it into the world. It's hard to believe how fast these last four weeks have gone by. I won't say that they have been easy, but they have been fun and exciting. I will be going back to work in two weeks, and I was really afraid that I would be dreading going back to work and that six weeks wouldn't be enough time off. I will say that thought changed about two weeks ago!! As much as I love being with Austin all day, I am very ready to have the responsibility taken off of me for nine hours of the day. I know that first day away from him will be very hard, but I need a break!! I welcome the weekends when Justin is home all day and is able to share the parenting duties with me. What am I saying?? I welcome 5:00 when he gets off of work and comes home to help me!!

This past weekend my mom came into town on Saturday and spent the night with us. Fortunately for us, she kept Austin in her room that night and took the middle of the night feedings so that Justin and I could catch up on some sleep. We slept great, and even though I still had to wake up during the night to pump, it was awesome and a much needed break. Thanks again, Mom! One day, maybe I can return that favor for my grand-baby!

Austin is GROWING so fast!! He went to the doctor when he was 2.5 weeks old and was already weighing 9lbs 7oz!! He gained almost a pound since birth and the doctor was so excited about how much he was growing and eating. The little man is an EATER for sure! I can hardly keep up with his appetite! Sometimes he stops at 3oz and other times he can knock back 5+!! I can't wait to see what he weighs at his two month appointment. He will start getting his vaccinations then...something Mommy does not look forward to!! I am dreading watching him get stuck over and over again and hearing him cry! :(

The nursing has gotten better over the last two weeks or so. It's not hurting as bad so I think I have healed from the damage he did early on with his bad latch, and I also think that his latch is correcting itself. Our biggest complaint with breast feeding is that you have no idea how much he is getting. Sometimes he will nurse for 45+ minutes, then take two ounces from a bottle of milk that I have pumped!! So either he has a massive appetite, or he's not getting as much as he needs in one sitting. I will continue pumping all the time when I go back to work, but I'm not sure if I will continue nursing him. Maybe once or twice at night but there definitely won't be enough time in the mornings since he is a slow nurser and a lingerer :)

I still have very emotional days, where I just cry for no apparent reason. I'll be glad when the hormones settle back down! It's getting better though and I'm just so happy! Austin brightens my day and I love seeing his little grin and laughing at all the funny faces he makes! Even his cry makes me smile! He has this one cry that is just the most pitiful sound you have ever heard. It's basically his whiny cry and it makes Justin and I laugh every time because he just sounds so pitiful!! It's really sweet and I wish I could bottle up that sound and keep it forever!

Well, I guess that's all I have for now. Please keep my friend Nikki in your prayers. The insurance company denied her participating in the clinical trial so now she is back on an old chemo cocktail that she has taken before. Her first tests showed that her numbers had gone way down, so hopefully this chemo will do it's job again!!

Have a great week and stay warm!!

I love this little outfit!

So sweet...

Big yawn!!

Sprawled out...loving life!

I can't get enough of this sweet little face!

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Laura Jaquith said...

He's so adorable. I'm glad things are getting better. I know exactly what you mean about having help. It sure is nice when it happens. Good luck going back to work!