Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Favorite Things

I love that Austin has the same cow lick that runs in my family. I love that when I kiss him on the mouth he never fails to stick his tongue out at that moment. His hair makes me smile and I love kissing his head and rubbing his hair. I love to watch him sleep at night. I always check on him one last time before I get in bed and it's so hard not to pick him up and bring him in the bed with me to snuggle. He's just so soft, warm and cuddly...completely irresistible. I love picking him up after he's been sleeping in his swing. He's so sleepy and just buries his head in your neck and it's the sweetest thing. Justin and I used to "fight" over who got to wake him up :) I love to watch him sleep while he eats his bottle. The way he plays with his hair just makes my heart melt. I love to see him playing in his jumparoo. He gets so excited and to watch his face light up is so precious. I love that he is a perfect mix of me and Justin. He has my eyes and nose and Justin's lips. I love to watch him curl his toes and wiggle his feet when you tickle them. He has a sweet spot at the top of his thigh and if squeezed the right way, you get tons of giggles from him. I love that he loves animals. The sight of them makes him squeal with joy. I love to watch his eyes stare into mine in complete relaxation as I pour the warm water over his head in the bathtub. I love to see him sitting up. It was such a crazy feeling the first time I walked into daycare and he was sitting up and playing rather than laying down or in a bouncer/swing. I love that he still loves his playmat and seems to find new and exciting things that captivate his mind every time he's on it. I love his eyes. They are the perfect, most beautiful color blue and he has his daddy's eyelashes that I'm completely jealous of. His smile is the most precious thing I have ever seen. I love the sounds he makes. He has the sweetest voice I've ever heard. I love when he squeals. It's so cute and ear piercing at times, but still one of the best sounds in the world. I love the look on his face when I clean his ears with Q-Tips after his bath. He closes his eyes and is in complete bliss getting his ears cleaned. I love to see how he's grown. Looking back at the pictures from his first few months are so funny when you can see how much he has changed. I love that he typically keeps the toes on one foot curled under and the toes on the other foot flexed up. I love how he reacts when he sees us leave the room and I love to see him get excited and wave his hands in the air when he sees me walk into his classroom at school to pick him up. I love that we come home with new artwork from school each week and that it covers an entire side of our refrigerator. I love to watch him lean towards the spoon and attack it when he eats his rice cereal and how he gets so distracted if our cat Lola is anywhere near him while he is trying to eat. I love how he touches my face as if he's studying it and learning. I love how everything he grabs goes straight to his mouth. I love how he wraps his arm around mine and holds his hand on my back when I'm carrying him on my side. I love how when he is around new people he is always sure to keep me in his sight and knows exactly where I am. I love that I can see him making certain arm or leg movements and know that is exactly what I was feeling him do in my belly. I love it when he poots. :) I love his booty and how it has cellulite when you squish it. I love his thighs, we call them his pork chops. I love his fingers and toes, his perfect little ears and his cute little belly button. I love how he is enthralled with tags on blankets. I love that when he is sleepy he pulls his blankets over his face and rubs his face all in it. It's so sweet to see him yawn and rub his eyes when he is tired. I love walking into his room first thing in the morning and he is already awake. He waves his arms in the air and starts smiling the second he sees you. What better way is there to wake up in the mornings? I love that his hair is turning such a pretty color blonde. I love that he sleeps like a wild man and you never know what position you're going to find him in each morning. I love how he goes to school every morning with socks on and comes home everyday with socks off because he kicks them off. I love that he kicks his legs constantly. I love the quiet moments alone with him. I love covering him in kisses. I love the feel of his smooth, soft skin. I love the way he smells after a bath. I love the way his room smells like him. I love to see his face light up when he sees his daddy. I love that he has formed such a sweet bond with him. I love how every time I strap him in his carseat, he sticks his tongue out and tries to eat/suck on the seat belt until I get it strapped in place. But more than anything, I love that this list can go on and on, and will continue to grow longer every day for a very long time...

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