Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Solid Foods!!

Well we have started solids – and Austin is loving them!! We had his 6 month checkup on July 15 and we got a great report from the doctor. He was weighing 16.7lbs (30th percentile) and he was 26.75 inches long (60th percentile). He continues to be a long and lean little guy!! The doctor said he is growing beautifully and is perfectly healthy. He gave us the go ahead to start on solids so we are giving him one fruit and one vegetable every day.

We started with green beans, which was probably not the best idea. I had read that sometimes if you start with a fruit, the baby gets used to the sweet taste and will refuse the vegetables. Knowing how bad my sweet tooth is, I really didn’t want to start him with a fruit and risk him not wanting his veggies!! I know it may be early to think that way, but I want to be as proactive as possible with him and vegetables so that he won’t be anything like his Mommy!!

The first bite of green beans did not go over so well. His face was priceless but then he gagged (funny, that’s what I do when I eat beans and peas).

We gave him another bite and he gagged again, and then he puked (notice the puke stain going down his bib – his daddy was mad that he ruined the pictures with the puke but it just added to the story!).

We tried a couple more times but he gagged every single time until I refused to give him anymore. If he doesn’t like them, I will not force him to eat them. So we gave up and I decided to send some to school the next day for him to try again, but we got the same result. So we moved on to apples, which went over much better!

Since then we have tried every fruit and vegetable that Gerber has to offer and he has loved everything!! He finishes the container each night, which means we’ll be moving to 2nd foods once all of the 1st foods are gone. We even tried green beans again the other night and he actually ate them this time! I guess he was not only getting accustomed to the taste of solid food, but also the texture. I’m so proud of him for being such a good eater so far!!

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