Monday, August 11, 2008

Where Does the Time Go?

It hit me today that it seems its been forever since I updated my blog! When I signed on I couldn't believe that the last time I wrote was in July!! It's amazing how fast time goes by. Isn't it funny that when you're young, you never really understand the concept of time? You just do your thing and listen to the "grown ups" talk about how time flies, and before you know it, you're one of those grown ups talking about how time flies. I can remember thinking in elementary school that every year of my life seems to go by faster than the last. The same still holds true, only they're going by way too fast for my liking!!! Sometimes I wish life had a pause button...just to give yourself enough time to soak in those precious moments, or to give your memory everything it needs to remember something exactly as it was so that you'll never forget it. There have been many moments in my life that I would have loved to hit the pause button....awesome Alabama football games, concerts, special moments with my husband or family, my dad's funeral, a fun night out with friends....the list could really go on and on. But unfortunately, that pause button does not exist and we have to rely on our memory to keep those moments locked in tight. I'm always scared my memory is going to crack open and leak some things out, never to be retrieved again. I hope I am years and years away from that happening because I have a lot of special memories in there that I never want to let go of!!

Things have been pretty quiet lately....Justin has finally finished his summer work which means he's not out of town all the time! We enjoyed our first full weekend together this past weekend, and it was awesome! We spent most of the weekend watching the Olympics, and ventured out to the movies on Sunday. I have to say that this year's Olympics have got me pulled in completely! I made sure to stay awake last night to watch Michael Phelps swim and win his 2nd gold!! I'm totally obsessed with him right now! I'm hoping that he breaks the record for most golds because he is an amazing athlete and I believe he deserves every gold he goes after. He is truly gifted, and the way our American team handled the French comments that were made about them just goes to show you how much class our athletes have. I think Michael Phelps is right there at the top of those classy athletes. I hope you all were able to catch the opening ceremonies...they were outstanding! I wish I had counted how many times my mouth just dropped wide open!! The creator of that show deserves a gold himself! How one creates a spectacle like that is beyond me....I would love to sit down and pick his brain to see where in the world he came up with his ideas!! To have an imagination like that is a true gift as well.

I have been dealing with some family issues lately, but at this point, all I can do is pray about them, and ask you to pray for them as well. My job is still fantastic! I continue to learn new things all the time and do not have one complaint!! It is now 19 days till Alabama kicks off against Clemson at the Georgia Dome!!! I am so excited about this season!! I wish we had tickets to this game, but I will be just as happy spending all day on my couch eating good food and watching good football all day! My only complaint is that we play late, so I have to spend all day anxious in anticipation waiting for our kickoff!! At least there will be plenty of good games on to pass the time (here I am wanting the time to go by fast....makes no sense huh?). We are also planning a fun October full of Panic shows - some in New Orleans for Halloween and some in Atlanta!! This is the first year they have played this venue in New Orleans since 2003 and I am so happy about going back! We have so much going on in the next few months with football games, concerts, traveling to visit friends/family....I'm really looking forward to it! Nothing beats Alabama football, good music and good company!! I'll just have to do my best at savoring the moments to come because life has no pause button.......

In closing, please continue to pray for Joe, Geoffrey and Nikki. I think these are three people that could really use a pause button right now, and could probably teach us all a lesson in the concept of time.

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