Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Just an Update

Well, not too much has been going on with me lately so I don't have much to write about!! The job is still going great, and I like it more and more each day. Friday night I went out with my boss for a little while to dance and hear a band play!! It's great having a boss that is so close to me in age because I feel like we can really relate to one another. I'm so happy to feel that through this new opportunity I have had the chance to make another friend! Saturday, Justin and I had dinner with his parents and I ate a steak for the first time in months!!! It was so tender and yummy and it really didn't hurt my jaw too bad! I was so happy to be able to eat it!

I saw the new Harry Potter movie trailer for the first time today and it was great! I think this movie is going to be super good! It was my favorite book until I read the last one so I hope they do the book justice with this movie. I was somewhat disappointed with the last one, so this one better be twice as good to make up for it! I hate that I have to wait until November to see it though! The good thing is that college football starts in about 30 days, and once that gets going, the fall tends to fly by! I cannot wait for kickoff against Clemson - Roll Tide!!!

Like I said, not much to write's amazing how little free time I have left since I have a job again!! Although I am NOT complaining! I love having lots of free time but I like having a job much more! Please continue to keep Geoffrey, Joe and Nikki all in your prayers. Don't forget that Geoffrey and Nikki have a Caring Bridge site set up if you want to read about their experience of leave an encouraging message! I hope everyone has a great week and an even better weekend!

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