Wednesday, July 9, 2008


So as of this morning I have two interviews lined up! I'm really excited about them!!! I was hoping to have an offer on one of the other jobs by now, but, more interviews are a step in the right direction. Plus, the more interviews I go on, the better. I admit they are stressful, but the more practice I get at them, the better I will be. One interview is tomorrow morning, and the second is scheduled for Monday morning. I hope they both go well and I'll be sure to report back any news I get!!

Well, in about 41 hours (but really, I'm not counting or anything!), I will be at the doctor's office getting prepped and sedated for my wire removal!! I seriously cannot wait!! Of course, I will have that day off to recover, and I'm also taking Saturday off in case I'm still drowsy or in any pain. I can't remember how I felt the last time I went through this, I can only remember sleeping the sedation off the whole day. So, in a way it will be like a new experience!!

I also wanted to give a quick update on Nikki ~ she had her doctor's appointment last week and didn't really get great news. She said that since the higher dose of chemo wasn't very effective, there is no point in continuing with that particular chemo treatment. She started another one last Thursday, and I haven't gotten an update on how that one is going. Since she has never tried this chemo before, there is a 30-40% chance of it shrinking what she has, but the doctor does not think this will cure it. If this chemo doesn't work, the next step would more than likely be clinical trials. Amazingly, she still has this positive outlook on things, and can still find a way to see the good side, rather than the bad. It's amazing to me how she has stayed so positive throughout this whole process. She realizes that there are some people who have it worse off than she does, but at the same time she realizes how lucky and fortunate she is to have lived the life that she has. I'll share something that I haven't yet shared with her ~ when I was cleaning out that closet last week, I found an old scrap box that I have kept all of her old letters in from when she moved to Illinois. There were SO many of them!! There were even some notes that she gave me when we lived right next door to each other!! I took a while to read through some of them, but I couldn't quite make myself read them all because of how emotional I got. The ones that I did read brought back so many memories!! Some of the things that she wrote are so ironic to read now, knowing the situation she is in. Even then, she had this amazing outlook on life. I know that outlook is what is keeping her here, fighting this disease with everything ounce of her being. I hope and pray that she continues to fight like she has, and that she can continue to keep her positive outlook on life. Please pray for her as well, along with her family.

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