Wednesday, October 8, 2008

So Behind....

Seriously, I have to get my booty in gear with this blog thing. I have no idea why it just continues to slip my mind!! Maybe because my life is going a little slow these days, with not a lot of action to report on!!! The most action my life is seeing right now is Alabama football!! Truth be told, that's about all I need :)

We have spent the last couple of weeks just taking it easy (a.k.a. watching football). The last couple of weekends we have either had family/friends over to watch the games, or we have simply stayed in being couch potatoes!! Two weekends ago we had a great brunch with some good friends and his family, which was awesome because it was the first time we had met this side of his family!!

Alabama football this year has become a major big deal, as we are now ranked #2 in the nation! I personally do not like the rankings, and wish there was a way to not even know what we are ranked. I mean, in the long run, what do rankings mean? Our first game we played a high ranked team, and they are no longer even ranked. Not to mention, we are only halfway through the season, with a lot of big games to play!! There is no telling what can happen b/w now and the end of our season. All I can do is hope and pray that our boys stay healthy and we continue to win like we've been doing! It's so fun and exciting to see our team "back" again! It's been a while, and I honestly didn't think it would happen this soon, but it has been a pleasant surprise this year! Justin and I are HUGE Nick Saban fans (how can you not be?!!), and it's awesome to see what he has done with our team in just two years. I can't imagine what we'll be like in another two years! It's a little nerve-racking to hear talks of going to the National Championship game, and I think it's a bit too early to even be throwing that thought around....but since it's out there, it's nice to wonder what it would be like to win! Kinda makes me wonder...should I be scheduling a trip to Florida right now?!! Who knows....all I can say is ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!

My mom has been sick for about a week now - she has been running a fever and has a whooping cough. She went to the doctor today and I'm anxious to hear back from her...I can't help but be worried that she might have pneumonia. Although it seems a lot of people are getting sick lately, I have been feeling okay, just trying to exercise like I should be doing according to my heart doctor! She is always on my case about my lack of exercise, and I'm really trying to work on that, as well as my diet. My diet is full of sugar (can't help's my weakness) and I'm working on cutting that out completely. Or at least cutting down some!!

I do have some GREAT news about my friend Nikki............she ELOPED!!!! Yep, even though she has been planning for a June 2009 wedding, her and her fiance decided against prolonging their marriage and decided why wait?!! So on her birthday, they married at a chapel in front of family, and they are planning to have a reception for friends in June. I am so happy for her and the decision they made. I think it was such a good idea, and now they can enjoy an even longer marriage together!!

I guess that about wraps it up for now!! We are going to visit our good friends in Tennessee this weekend, and I am really looking forward to the trip! I love her kids and we always have the best time visiting them. Thoughts and prayers for safe travels are always welcome!! Please continue to keep Nikki in your prayers....she is responding well to her chemo treatment, but still has a while to go. As always, thanks for reading and I hope everyone has a great week and weekend!!!!


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