Monday, December 1, 2008

What a Weekend!!!

There's just no other way to start this post than by saying ROLL TIDE!!!!!!! Honestly...what a game!! Okay, so now I'll back up and start with Thanksgiving ~ we had a great Thanksgiving this year, although it went by too fast! We left early Thursday morning to drive to North Alabama to my grandmothers. We ate lunch and visited a while with my family that I don't see often enough, and then we left at about 1:30. We then drove down to Hattiesburg, MS to visit Justin's family and got there just in time for dinner at 6:00. Of course the food we ate all day was fantastic!! I think I could eat turkey and dressing all year round!!

Friday, Justin, his dad and I got up and drove down to Biloxi to spend the day at the Beau Rivage casino!! We got there just in time for brunch at the buffet, which was sooo yummy!! We had a couple of Mimosa's with brunch so then we were ready to check the place out. Justin and his dad had been there several times together but it was my first visit there. At this time it wasn't very crowded so we claimed a seat at the bar and played video poker while watching the LSU vs. Arkansas game. Even though I only played quarter bets, I doubled my money!! We decided to go take a look at the craps tables because all three of us were looking forward to playing. Unfortunately, it had gotten pretty crowded by this time, and the table minimums were $10 or higher! We didn't have much time left and we were really hoping for a $5 table, so we watched for a few minutes then headed out. We drove back into Hattiesburg and met the rest of the family for dinner at a catfish-house that is a local favorite.

And then, we woke up Saturday morning and realized that the biggest game of our regular season was just hours away!!! We were so excited that we packed up as early as possible and headed back to Birmingham. We got home just in time to get settled in (and I took about a 45 minute nap!) and finally it was kick-off!!! The game couldn't have gone any better for us, although we really didn't even play our best. I'm still happy because a win is a win, and this one was a long time coming!! Justin and I have been walking on air the last two days and it still seems to be the main topic of conversation in one way or another!! We have the SEC Championship game this weekend against Florida in Atlanta and Justin and I have our tickets ready to go (thanks again Aunt Judy!). I'm extremely nervous about this will be the biggest game for us this year and will be a challenge. We'll see what happens......ROLL TIDE!!

I hope everyone has a great week and I will try to post some pictures from Thanksgiving soon!

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