Friday, November 4, 2011


August had a rough start, for personal reasons that I cannot go into on a public blog. I’ll just say that we were and are still grieving a loss. Prayers are needed and welcomed.

Austin turned 19 months in August. So hard to believe how fast the time flies. Our month wasn’t really that busy and we didn’t do much except wind down the end of Justin’s busy summer work schedule. August to me always feels like the calm before the storm. It’s the end of summer, school is getting ready to start again (not that it matters to us yet) and football season is right around the corner. It always seems that as soon as we have that first kickoff of college football, the next four months fly by quicker than any other time of year. I guess the saying is true, time flies when you’re having fun.

Some new words Austin learned in August were open (although he says “opie” which might be a tad bit cuter), baby, Bumbo (he has a new-found obsession with his Bumbo seat), coffee (we moved up from coco) and happy. Every kid he sees is a baby to him, no matter how small or big. He sees kids on TV, at daycare, in pictures and anywhere we go and he always says “baby”. He is still obsessed with books and Elmo and he loves kissing the animals and babies in his books.

One night I woke up to the strangest noise. It was one of those moments where you can’t really figure out if what you’re hearing is real or if you’re still halfway asleep and imagining or dreaming the sound. It sounded like Austin at first but it didn’t sound like crying. I finally determined that he was singing and went back to sleep. The next morning, Justin asked if I heard Austin during the night. I explained what I heard and he heard the same thing, and also thought Austin was singing. There is a song on the radio right now that we sing to him and there is a part where it just says “la, la, la” and that is exactly what he was singing in his sleep. How cute is that?!

He now says “quack quack” for a duck and “moos” for a cow. He randomly started saying what sounded like “row, row, row” one night. I thought maybe he was trying to sing Row, Row, Row Your Boat. Sure enough as soon as I started singing it, he started rocking back and forth like he was rowing a boat! We also watched an Elmo sing-a-long DVD recently and I was amazed that he knew most of the songs on there! He was doing hand motions to “Wheels on the Bus” and everything. It made me realize just how much he is doing and learning at his new school, and I’m so thankful we made the change when we did. The amount that he has learned in the last few months is incredible in comparison to what he was getting at his old school.

Tooth #10 came in on the bottom left side next to the center tooth. He now has four coming in at one time, two of those being molars. He is handling it pretty well so far though, so I am not complaining!

Austin amazes me with his manners sometimes. He says “thank you” and still signs for “please” but he knows exactly when to say them and even if he forgets, all we have to say is “Austin, what do you say?”, and he says it. He has started to say “no” to us though, which is kinda funny and cute but also irritates me. Sometimes he gets confused and says “no bite” instead of just “no”. I guess after all those times of hearing “no bite”, it finally sunk in!

My child is obsessed with Lady Gaga. I mean, obsessed. He picks up magazines and sees her pictures and screams “Gaga!!” He hears her songs and yells “Gaga” and knows her songs immediately. We started watching her concert on HBO one night months ago, and at that time Austin was not interested in TV at all. But a Lady Gaga concert? He was all over it!! He sat and watched probably 30 minutes of it before it was his bedtime. We couldn’t believe that he actually sat and watched something for that long, but ever since then he has loved him some Gaga. He even puts his hands up in the air when she says “put your paws up”. I guess it fits that I have always called him my little monster. Guess he’s Lady Gaga’s little monster too!

Last but not least, Austin pee pee’d in the potty!!! Lately he has been showing interest in our bathroom habits and loves to watch Justin go. He runs into the bathroom and yells “pee pee!!” every time. A few weeks ago, he disappeared for a minute and when I found him, he was in our bathroom standing in front of the toilet, his shorts were off and he was trying to pull his diaper off. When I realized that he was trying to go to the bathroom, I put him up on the seat to see what he would do. Since he couldn’t really relax on the seat, as I was holding him so that he wouldn’t fall in, he never did go. But by August 29 he had his first pee pee in the potty. The next day I went and bought him his own potty seat and the day after that he finally used it! Of course, that was the one and only time it has been used. So…….it’s a work in progress!!
Hanging with Uncle Jeff
Austin and Alex
Silly guy
The kids had so much fun banging on this ball!
We love us some Hand family!
We love us some Hand family!
Austin and his Elmo
Hid doctor hat he made at school
Saying hi to Pink
He wouldn't take his shades off to eat!
Nana and Grandad

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