Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

First off, let me just give a big ROLL TIDE!!!

So Thanksgiving this year didn't quite go the way we planned, or the way it normally goes (not sure why I'm even surprised these days!). Our normal plan is to go to my grandmothers for lunch on Thanksgiving day, then go to Justin's parents for dinner. We used to drive straight to Hattiesburg for dinner but since Austin came, we didn't really want to have him in the car for all that driving. So now we drive down to Hattiesburg around lunch on Friday and stay the whole weekend. This year, that didn't happen for me. Not really sure what we were thinking, getting a dog a week before we were supposed to take an out of town trip, but it didn't even cross our minds. So Justin took Austin with his parents to Hattiesburg while I stayed home with Luna.

Thanksgiving day was great, Austin handled the drive perfectly and nothing beats getting to spend time with my family. The food was awesome and luckily Austin actually kept his dinner down this year!! He had so much fun playing with all the young kids and "big" kids outside. He stood in between two of the bigger boys playing football and would literally laugh and squeal at each pass back and forth. He was playing with his cousin, Brayden, who is only about a month older than him. The two of them were throwing balls and playing in the leaves and having the best time!!

Friday, they all took off to Hattiesburg and Luna and I hung around here. I did some cleaning, then decided it was time to enjoy the peace and quiet. I watched girly shows and girly movies and really enjoyed the "me" time. Saturday I went to our best friends, the Harbor's, house to watch the game with them and their family. There were about 15 Bama fans there and we had a great time! The game was awesome, the food was great and the drinks were flowing. Bama gave us a win and we couldn't have been happier!

Even though I really enjoyed the quiet house and having the TV to myself all weekend, I sure did love seeing Justin and Austin's faces today as they walked in the door. Luna, Austin and I were playing shortly after and all of a sudden Austin told Luna, "Austin's momma! MY momma!!" I wish I could put into words the warmth that filled my heart. It was so cute to see him competing for my attention and it made me feel good that he made sure he got it instead of Luna.

Here are some pictures from Thanksgiving day :)
I tried to get a picture of all the great-grandkids...this was the best I could get (minus a few)
Austin and his cousins....took a million, still never got "the" shot! These were some of the better ones.
Me and Jackilyn
My wonderful and beautiful Mom
Jennifer helping Austin ride this new-age skateboard thingy
Austin and Mamaw, his great-grandmother

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