Monday, June 30, 2008

Another Week Has Begun

Mondays. I'll be honest...Monday has never been my favorite day of the week. Nothing is worse than waking up early after sleeping in all weekend, fighting the Monday morning traffic to work and then having the "case of the Mondays". But since I haven't been working these last few months, I don't so much mind Mondays anymore! It's so nice going to bed Sunday night knowing that I don't have to get up and fight off the "case of the Mondays" like I used to. Having said that, I would give anything at this point to have to wake up early and go to work on a Monday!!! It might take some adjusting and getting used to again, but I would gladly welcome the change.

My weekend was pretty uneventful....I worked Friday night, Saturday morning and then again on Sunday afternoon. I don't mind the job because it keeps me busy and gives me a little bit of money, and I really enjoy being out and interacting with people!! But I do miss knowing that I have at least two days out of the week where I can do whatever I want, and not have to worry about my work schedule. I'll be so glad to get back into the Monday through Friday, 8-5 routine!

I haven't heard from my recruiter since Friday, but I did get some promising news from him! The job that I am really hoping for has narrowed their decision down between me and one other person. So a 50/50 shot sounds pretty decent!! They wanted to take the weekend and possibly a few more days to think about it, but honestly, I was hoping they would have decided today, called with an offer and have me start working next Monday!! Wishful thinking, I know...but a girl can hope!!

I spent today cleaning out a closet. For some people, that may sound like a horrible way to spend a few hours, but not for me!! I'm totally in my element when I do things like that. I love to clean and organize things and I usually re-organize this particular closet every 6-9 months or so. I took three bags of clothes to the Salvation Army, went through a few scrap boxes (I have a LOT...I'm quite the sentimental pack-rat) and moved some things around so that there is much more room. You can actually walk in the closet now!!! Which is good considering it IS a walk-in closet!

A week from Friday (July 11) I get all of my metal and wiring out of my mouth from my jaw surgery, and I am sooooo excited! I cannot wait! I've gotten pretty used to it all being there, but I won't miss it when it's gone!! I'll try to post a before and after pic so you can kinda see what's been in my mouth for the past 2 months!!

Enough for now...I hope you all have a great week, and please continue to pray for my friend Nikki. Thanks for reading!!

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