Saturday, June 23, 2012


I skipped an update for March because it was pretty uneventful. I spent most of the month feeling pretty crappy and just praying to see the second trimester as quickly as possible. I finally hit 13 weeks (second trimester) on March 30 and started feeling much better soon after that. I gained 4lbs during the first trimester, spent a lot of mornings throwing up, spent many days struggling with nausea and food aversions, stayed pretty tired and low on energy – overall just plain crappy.

The only strange thing that happened was that I started feeling like something was stuck in my throat. This went on for weeks and I was convinced that there was a piece of food stuck. No matter what I ate or drank, it never went away. It was beyond frustrating! I finally gave in and made an appointment with an ENT. The doctor ended up sticking a scope up my nose and down my throat to look and see if anything was there. To my dismay, nothing was there. He mentioned that he felt like I had “silent reflux”, especially considering that I was pregnant. I’ve never dealt with reflux, heartburn or any kind of indigestion except for having some heartburn in the third trimester when I was pregnant with Austin, so I assumed this was correct. When I researched silent reflux, one of the symptoms was the feeling of something being stuck in your throat. He started me on Prevacid but warned me that it could take a few weeks to feel any relief.

A few days after starting the Prevacid, I started getting these horrendous headaches. I’ve got some experience with headaches, considering I’ve had three jaw surgeries for TMJ, but I’ve never had headaches like these before. Nothing I took – okay, well Tylenol – gave me any relief. They were so bad, I couldn’t even get out of bed to go to work some days. On a day that was worse than any others, I finally called my doctor. They had me go and check my blood pressure, which was normal, and called in Tylenol #3 for me. I went home and took two expecting to crash (since it has codeine in it), but was more or less wired. It still didn’t relieve my headache, so I was basically forced to deal with it for a few weeks. The explanation was just the change in hormones after changing into the second trimester. I remember having headaches last time, but nothing that kept me from functioning!

On April 16 (during week 15), I had just gotten in bed and rolled into my normal sleeping position on my stomach when about a minute later, I felt that familiar flutter that made my heart skip a beat – the baby was moving and I could finally feel it! When I first felt Austin move, I was at home alone and Justin was out of town so I had nobody to share it with. This time, I immediately picked up my phone and texted Justin to come to our room. He came in expecting something to be wrong, but was excited that we had reached this stage of the pregnancy. As I was lying there, savoring the feeling, it became a little bittersweet. It’s such an amazing feeling, especially that first movement, but I realized that it would be the last first movement I ever felt (considering we aren’t planning to have any more kids). The thought made me sad, but also made me realize that I needed to cherish all of those moments because they very well could be the last.

Week 17 I noticed the dark line making its appearance below my belly button. It was very faint, but enough for me to notice it. I was 18 weeks when I noticed it with Austin, so pretty much right on track with my first pregnancy.

In non-pregnancy related stuff, we celebrated Easter with our families and had a great day. Austin did much better hunting eggs this year and had a lot of fun with the stickers that Nana decorated some of the eggs with. The picture is priceless!

We also took Austin to his first A-Day game in Tuscaloosa, which was so much fun. We first went to the quad to the pep rally and Austin was completely overwhelmed. He had his “serious face” on the whole time, but he was amazed at the band and the “horns”. He’s had a new thing with horns lately, and picking up anything he can, putting it to his lips and making horn sounds, saying “I blow horn, Momma!” We knew he would love the band, but we didn’t expect him to be so serious. After we left there it was time to go into the stadium to try to get a decent seat, hopefully in the shade. We ended up going in about an hour before kick-off and sat right below one of the jumbo-trons. When I say it was loud, I mean it was LOUD. We had to teach Austin how to plug his ears because he did not like how loud the music was before the game. Once the band came in and started playing, he loved hearing the horns. He enjoyed seeing the game, but after the first quarter he was ready to go.

That night, I knew we might have a hard time getting him in bed, just from the excitement of the day. After I put him down and walked out of his room, I heard him in there a few minutes later. Typically once I walk out, we don’t hear a peep from him until morning, so this was a little unusual. I could hear his voice, but I couldn’t make out what he was saying. So I went to stand outside his door and could hear him saying over and over again, “Wake up, wake up, wake up AUSTIN!” I stood there and just laughed to myself because the way he said it was so cute. When I heard his paci hit the floor, I knew it was time to go in because he immediately started saying “My paci!!” When I walked in, he stood up and said “I saw horns, Momma!! At football game!!” He was so excited about those horns. I just said “I know buddy, it’s time to go night night.” The next morning when he woke up and I went into his room, once again the first thing he said was “I saw horns, Momma!! At football game!!” I’m pretty sure he probably had dreams about those horns all night.

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