Friday, June 1, 2012


Not too much to write about for the month of February other than my pregnancy and the fact that Austin finally got more teeth in! On February 11, he got his first canine (top left), February 14 he got his second (bottom right) and February 15 he got his third (top right). To have gotten all three of these within a week of each other, he handled it so well. I would have never even known had I not been looking for them. He loves saying things like “oopsies” if he drops something and “do it again” when you’re doing something that he loves (tickling, wrestling or anything that makes him laugh). He’s also started saying “look at that” when he sees something fascinating and also telling you “in a minute” when you’re asking him to do something but he’s not ready to do it. It can be frustrating but it is so cute at the same time. He also loves to sing songs and his ABC’s. His favorite songs are Bah Bah Black Sheep and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. He also says “I some some” if he wants some of your drink or the food that you’re eating.

Once the first few days of the shock of the pregnancy wore off, the nausea set in. I immediately started experience bad food aversions, which I also had pretty badly during the first trimester with Austin. This time seemed to be a little worse. By the 2nd week (or technically week 5), I was miserable. I was so hungry but I couldn’t eat. I was exhausted but I couldn’t sleep. I stayed home from work one day because I was so weak, I was already losing weight and I was beginning to fear that a trip for IV fluids was in my future. I finally called my doc and they called in a nausea medication called Zofran for me, which I started taking immediately. I was finally able to eat a meal of a baked potato and chocolate milkshake. It was like heaven!

I pretty much had food aversion throughout the whole month of February, coupled with bouts of morning sickness. It’s been a mirror image of my pregnancy with Austin, but just a couple of degrees worse. I never had to take nausea medicine with Austin and I only threw up twice with him. I beat that record very quickly this time around!

Our first appointment at 8 weeks was on February 28. The baby had a very strong heartbeat at 173 and we were given a good report. Due date is set for October 5.

I guess because of me feeling so crappy, I didn’t take many pictures this month, but here are a few that I did take:

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