Friday, June 1, 2012


What a mind-blowing month this was for us. After New Year’s, we had Austin’s birthday to look forward to. Because of Justin’s trip to Texas, we planned to have his party later in the month. Austin had his 24 month checkup and he weighed in at 24lbs 12oz. My little hoss of a newborn has turned into quite the little shrimp! I love how little he is though, and I’m amazed everyday at the appetite he has to be so small. He was 33 inches long and his head circumference was 18 ¾ inches. So in the past two years he has gained 16lbs and grown 11 ¾ inches.

The National Championship game was, of course, a major highlight for us. It’s pretty crazy that Austin is two years old and now has two titles under his belt! Any time Austin sees the Alabama script “A”, he immediately says “Roll Tide”! It’s awesome. And he loves to watch football, so we’re very excited to take him to games in the future. The day after the championship game, Justin left for Texas, which began our whirlwind of a month.

On that Wednesday while I was in bed reading, I noticed some pain in my breast underneath where my Kindle was resting. I thought that it was very odd and when I felt it, I felt a large lump. Cue the freak out and tears. It did not help that I was all alone, with nobody to tell me to calm down or feel it and tell me I was overreacting and that it was nothing. I started texting Justin to describe to him what I was feeling. The next morning I called my doctor first thing. They had me come in immediately for an exam and my doctor was fairly certain that the lump was “fibrocystic changes”. To be safe, I went to have a mammogram and a breast ultrasound. It took a few days, but my results came back fine. However, my doc scheduled an appointment with a breast surgeon for safe measure.

Justin did not come home until late Saturday, so those few days of going through this by myself were pretty rough. This was also my ovulation time, which we know was a little off due to the stress I was under. We thought we were taking all of the necessary precautions during this time to avoid a pregnancy, but we found out a few weeks later that our efforts were unsuccessful!

The weekend after, we had a very small party for Austin’s birthday. We did not have a theme like I had planned, but decided to save that for next year. We had taco soup and potato soup, plus some appetizers and cupcakes. Austin got some great gifts that were a hit with all the kids that were there.

The weekend after Austin’s party was the weekend that I never started. We went to Huntsville that Saturday for a baby shower and stayed with my best friend Jenn. I was telling her that I was late and she wanted me to take a test. Given the circumstances surrounding the month, I honestly felt like I would start eventually and that a test wasn’t necessary. We were telling friends at the shower how we weren’t sure if we even wanted another baby, which I find completely ironic that I was unknowingly pregnant while making these statements. The rest of the story was told in an earlier post, but by Tuesday the test was inevitable. Two tests later, the news was confirmed. We were definitely pregnant!

Here's some pics from the month. The ones from his birthday party did not turn out very well but they're better than nothing I guess!

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