Saturday, June 23, 2012

My Little Einstein and Farewell Paci?

We didn’t have much going on during the month of May, but of course there’s always something to update about, whether it be Austin or the pregnancy. I’ll start off with the Austin updates.

I’m constantly amazed at how smart he is. His teachers are always telling us that he is “freakishly smart” for his age, which is a funny way to put it but a compliment nonetheless. His speech and vocabulary are things that they are constantly bragging about, and that he only has to be taught something once before he learns it, rather than going over it multiple times. That is something I have witnessed myself. His memory is impeccable and he blows my mind all the time when he proves it to me.

He loves counting and can count to 20, although when he gets to about 14 or so the numbers all start sounding the same. His new thing has been counting backwards. I heard him doing it in the bathtub one night and it didn’t hit me until he said “Blastoff!” when he was done. I asked him to do it again and he said “Five, four, three, two, one, blastoff!!” It was so cute and definitely awesome to hear him counting backwards.

He knows his shapes and colors, but it seems he does better with shapes. He can even identify octagons and pentagons, but I think triangles are his favorite for some reason! He is still doing great with his ABC’s and is still just as obsessed with reading books as ever.

He has been showing interest in the potty seat again lately so we’ve been working on that. He goes pretty much every night either before or after bath time. They moved him up in class so that he could get more potty exposure, so I’m hoping he’ll be potty trained very soon!

Every night when we rock after reading his books, I sing the same two songs to him: Rock-a-bye Baby and the Alabama fight song. I guess because he has heard them so much, he can sing along with me now. He knows all the words to Rock-a-bye Baby and even though he doesn’t know all the words to the fight song, he knows a pretty good bit to keep up with me. It’s so cute to hear him sing it and I’m glad I started singing it to him when he was just an infant. It’s never too early to learn the fight song!

On May 18th, we decided to cut his paci’s. He still only gets them at naptime and bedtime, but only at home. He hasn’t had a paci at daycare in a very long time. We decided we had to do something ASAP, as we have already let him keep it longer than we originally planned. I also wanted him good and done with it before Baby Vinson II comes along so that he didn’t regress. So that night when we sat down to rock and read, I gave him his paci and with Justin standing in the doorway to observe, we waited for his reaction. It was hilarious!! He kept taking it out and looking at it with this confused look on his face. He would say “Paci broken! Get another one!” And since he knows where we keep them, he asked to go look for them. So we gave him another one and got the same reaction. I was hiding my face behind his blanket and Justin had to turn away because we were laughing so hard. Pretty mean, huh?! But we couldn’t help it! His reaction was just priceless and he was so confused. He finally gave up and just stuffed it in his mouth anyways. He would still take it in and out with a confused look on his face, but he dealt with it. It didn’t go quite as we had planned because I thought he wouldn’t want it with it being “broken”, but I guess we’ll just have to cut it back again pretty soon.

The next day we struggled at naptime. I’m not sure if it had anything to do with the paci or not, but Austin never took a nap. We had the same struggle on Sunday but finally got a short one out of him. Nap time has been a struggle since. I would think that maybe he’s growing out of naps, except when he finally crashes he sleeps for 2-3 hours! Not to mention he still naps at school. Hopefully it’s just a phase though because I really don’t think the paci is the culprit since he still sleeps fine with it at night.

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