Tuesday, August 4, 2009

More Than a Feeling!!

I FINALLY felt Baby Vinson moving last night!! I have been waiting and wondering when it was going to happen and all of a sudden, there it went! I was laying in bed reading shortly after 9pm last night when I started to feel the movement. I really don't even know how to describe the feeling! I had been told it was similar to a butterfly, but it was more of a rolling around feeling than a fluttering! It felt like BV was just doing rolls in there! I was so shocked at the feeling and so amazed...tears just welled up in my eyes and I was so excited! Justin is working in Memphis this week so it was really sad that he wasn't there to experience it with me, but I was texting him the moment it happened! BV rolled around for about 45 minutes, off and on. I had been resting my book on my lower tummy and it felt like it was right underneath the book. It was so strong it seemed like I would be able to feel it on the outside. As soon as I moved my book and put my hand there, BV would stop moving! And of course, as soon as I put the book back, I would start feeling the movement again! Stubborn little thing already! I cannot wait to feel BV again, and I really can't wait for when Justin is able to feel it! What an amazing feeling....!!!